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Picture of Kate Faulkner

Kate Faulkner is one of the UK's leading property experts appearing on BBC, ITV, Radio 4 and 5Live and is often quoted in the national press. Kate has authored over 10 books including four for Which? and has property columns in various magazines and newspapers.

Picture of Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy has over 25 years of financial services experience and is the head of lending at Mortgage Advice Bureau, often appearing on national television, radio and in national press.

landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance Round Up

As a landlord, you’ll be aware that insurance for buy to let properties is different to the insurance you have for your own home and you should already have an appropriate policy in place for the property you let.

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BTL Landlord

Latest on Agent Fees

The level of fees charged by agents has been quite diverse over the years, for both tenants and landlords.

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Five Mistakes Landlords Make

While the quality of landlords and their understanding of the buy-to-let market has undoubtedly improved in recent years, there are still some fundamental mistakes that are made

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property prices

Whats the Latest on Property Prices and Rents

The property price reports are giving quite a consistent view of the year for 2016. Reports suggest prices rose by just over 3% to 6.5%. Taking an average increase of 4%, for a property worth £200,000, that’s an increase in value of £8,000.

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