Five fun places to visit with the kids during the summer holidays 

Summer is here and no matter the weather you’re going to need a whole host of home activities and local sites to visit to keep the little ones entertained.  

We’ve rounded up our top five: 

1. Join a library  

Sign up to your local library. Most libraries have a summer reading challenge for children, if not you could create your own, and weekly group sessions. This is a great way to encourage reading and to meet other children with similar interests.  

2. Go to the beach 

Find your nearest beach and take in the sights. You can enjoy the sea breeze, build sandcastles, paddle your feet in the sea, and have endless fun with the family.  

3. Head to a park 

Take a walk to a nearby park. The kids can play with friends or even make new ones. This is a brilliant way to let them run around to burn off some energy! Why not take a picnic with you, and follow it up with an ice cream?  

4. Explore a museum 

Go out and discover a nearby museum. There are plenty of different museums to explore, catering for all interests, from art to natural history, and science. They can have fun, while learning something new. 

5. Go to the zoo 

What is not to like about the zoo? You can see all the animals, and even talk to them. If there isn’t one nearby, why not try a virtual zoo tour.  


There are plenty of activities right on your doorstep, as well as further afield.  

Look and see what’s on offer in your area – visit your local council website to see what activities you fancy. The summer holidays are the perfect time to get out and explore your surroundings with the kids, so go and enjoy yourselves! 

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