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How to plan the perfect staycation


With saving money now at the forefront of people’s minds, many have decided to spend their summer break a little closer to home this year with a ‘staycation’ holiday - a stay at home vacation.

Staying at home

Can you remember the last time you took some time off work? It can be so easy to keep going without actually taking a proper break - especially seeing as we’re still quite limited as to where we can go. But a break from work, even without actually leaving the house, can still be time well spent.

It’s surprising how just doing something a little different, even if in the same four walls, can make you feel refreshed and re-energised. Here are some of our top ideas for how to best spend your time at home...

Camping in the garden

Make this fun for all the family by eating outside too and having your favourite snacks on hand. You can play games and spend quality family time together, without the usual household distractions of TV, phones etc.

Try new recipes

A simple one but something that we often don’t have the time to try. Experimenting with new, tasty recipes is a creative way to spend your time, and can be rather therapeutic too. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could sign up to Hello Fresh or Gousto where you can choose your weekly meals and the ingredients and recipes are delivered straight to your door.

Outdoor cinema night

A popular option for many, and a great alternative to going to the cinema is to create your own outdoor cinema. All you need is a projector, a screen and a nice comfy seating area to snuggle down with your popcorn. Really set the ambience with cosy blankets, fairy lights, lanterns, candles etc. for a romantic date night underneath the stars.

Paddling pools and BBQs

If we’re lucky enough to get the good weather, you can’t beat a paddling pool and BBQ day. They’re such a novelty as we don’t often get the chance to enjoy them much with the unpredictable British weather, but honestly, there’s nothing better than a fun day in the garden.

Building dens

Everyone needs a rainy day back-up plan, and if you have children to entertain, then this one is a great go-to. Let your kids collect their duvets, pillows, blankets etc. and leave them to build their own den or fortress - it’ll keep them entertained for the rest of the day!

Cocktail making nights

For those of you looking for a date night idea, why not get the shaker out and have a cocktail making night? Experiment with different flavours, garnishes etc. and most importantly, have some fun! Get silly with your creations and you never know, you might just find your new homemade favourite!

Day trips out

If you’d like to have a few days out, head to Facebook and see if there are any local groups you can follow for some ideas. For example, this group is for those who live in the Midlands or are looking for a day out in this area There are lots of honest reviews and photos too, so you can get a real feel for a place before you commit to visiting.

Tripadvisor is another great place to visit for ideas or to read reviews before visiting places.

Holidaying in the UK

If you fancy a complete change of scenery, there are plenty of beautiful holiday destinations in the UK to visit this summer. The top 5 staycation destinations are:

1. Cornwall
2. Devon
3. Lake District
4. London
5. North Wales

These areas are likely to be busy during the summer holidays so it’s important to remember to still practice social distancing, wash your hands as often as you can and wear a face covering wherever necessary.


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