1. Embrace Autumn décor

When Autumn comes, nothing beats snuggling up in a cosy home. Get your home Autumn ready by adding some new cushions on your sofa or a new chunky wool blanket to curl up under. Look for classic Autumn home décor colours like orange and red hues or opt for bright jewel shades to add a striking pop of colour. These Autumn home accessories can transform your room. And in your bedroom, dust off your winter duvet and think about what Autumn décor touches you can add like a new heavier throw on your bed.

2. Light it right

As the evenings get darker, create a beautiful ambience with clever lighting. Use floor lamps and table lamps, rather than harsh overhead lighting, to create an atmosphere in your Autumn house. And when it comes to Autumn home décor, scented candles give a lovely fragrance as well as a gentle, flickering light. Try dotting tea lights around too.

3. Use nature in your Autumn home decorations

Bring the feel of the new season into your home with some natural Autumn home decorations. Collecting twigs and displaying them in a vase and making homemade potpourri, using items like cinnamon sticks, pine cones and dried orange slices, are lovely Autumn decorations.

4. Be crafty in the kitchen

As the days get chillier, it’s the perfect time to start cooking warming, comfort foods with delicious seasonal produce. So if you want to get your home Autumn ready, don’t forget your kitchen. When preparing your Autumn house, deep clean your kitchen and declutter your cupboards to make it a more enjoyable place to cook and eat in.

5. Get spooked

Halloween is a great excuse to decorate your Autumn house. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with pumpkin ornaments and a themed tablecloth, or you prefer to go all out, it’s a great way to celebrate the season and have fun too.

6. Make the most of your heat

To keep your Autumn house feeling warm and comfortable, it’s a good idea to check for draughts. Feel around the edges of windows and doors, if you feel cold air getting in, either install draught-proofing measures yourself or get a professional in.

And as we move from Autumn to Winter, you’re probably thinking about how to keep your home warm during winter. So if you’re asking ‘how to prepare my house for Winter?’ there are lots of easy steps to take which will also save on energy bills such as insulating your water tank, pipes and radiators.

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