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Government unveils new nutrient neutrality rules

Nutrient neutrality laws have created blocks for developers for years - new rules are set to lift these restrictions and open 100,000 blocked homes.
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Retrofitting rental properties for a greener future

A recent analysis of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data by Propflo, a decarbonisation platform for lenders, indicates that retrofitting privately rented properties in the UK to achieve energy rating C or higher can provide substantial economic and environmental benefits.
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Mortgage vs rent: what costs you more?

With the housing landscape changing, is the cost of a rising mortgage proving too big of a challenge for first time buyers?
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Rate of inflation drops; major lenders lower fixed rates

*This article was published on August 17th, 2023. Some information may no longer be current. As of the 16th August, it was announced by The Office of National Statistics (ONS) that headline UK inflation had dropped to 6.8%.
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Survey highlights financial anxieties: top money concerns for under 30s

There are three top concerns dominating the financial landscape and it may surprise you just how many young adults are thinking about this.
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Lenders still want to lend - the impact of inflation on mortgage deals

While lenders are pulling mortgage deals after the most recent inflation figures, there’s still plenty to remain positive about.
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Skipton Building Society announces Track Record Mortgage, but who does it serve?

Skipton’s 100% mortgage could cater to an underserved market, but is it right for everyone?
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Government scraps EPC rules for landlords

Ben Thompson, Deputy CEO at Mortgage Advice Bureau, sits down with us to discuss changes to net zero plans.
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