When you’re getting a mortgage there are major differences when you use a mortgage broker compared to going directly to your bank. But what are they?


By using a mortgage broker you’ll get more choice than if you go to your local bank and you could get a better deal. And this means you could save money. There are other benefits of using a mortgage broker too; read on to find out more.


You may save money by using a mortgage broker

If you’re looking for a mortgage and go directly to your bank, you’ll only have the choice of the mortgages they offer. This means you may miss out on better deals from other lenders. If you use a mortgage broker they can search through thousands of mortgages to find the right deal for you.


Your mortgage broker will play match-matchmaker

When your mortgage broker is finding the right mortgage deal for you they won’t just be looking at the rates and any fees. They’ll match you with the right lender too - one that’s most likely to approve your application.


Bad credit or self-employed? A broker can help

If your application is less straight forward, perhaps your credit history isn’t brilliant or you’re self-employed, you might find it particularly useful to use a broker. For example if you’ve had credit issues in the past and you’re looking for a mortgage, a mortgage broker will have access to specialist lenders and deals that aren’t available on the high street.


Benefits of using a mortgage broker? They’ll handle the application

A mortgage broker can handle your application for you and keep you informed of its progress. This can save you time.


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