EPC Calculator

Are you thinking about retrofitting but are unsure whether the upfront costs will be worth it? Check out our EPC calculator and see how improving your property’s energy performance could increase the value of your home.


Your property is currently an rating and valued at .

If you raised your home to an rating, it could be worth . If you increased it to an rating, it could be . If you increased it to an rating, it could be . 'A' is the highest EPC rating available.

MAB’s EPC calculator provides a generalised percentage value increase based on the value of your home, multiplied by percentage increases based on Rightmove’s Green Homes Report. Information on individual EPC ratings is also taken directly from the UK Government’s Levelling Up EPC rating data.

All results generated will provide an indicative value only and should not be taken as a true representation. Other factors will play a role in determining the actual price of your home, such as where the property is situated, general condition of the house and market demand, to name a few.

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If you’re interested in discovering how making green improvements to your property could broaden the number of options available to you when it comes to choosing a mortgage, check out our range of expert articles on all things green. They cover a variety of topics, from green mortgages and retrofitting your home, to handy energy savings tips, understanding your EPC ratings, and more. Going green at home doesn't have to be overwhelming.

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