Everyone has their own vision and preference of what their dream home looks like. Will it be the character property with its unique history and charm, or will it be the sleek sophistication of a modern new build home?

Like any big financial life commitment, the decision isn’t always easy.

To help you weigh up your options, here we discuss some of the pros of a new build home.

1. No chain

With a new build property, you aren’t relying on the success of another property sale in order to secure your own purchase. If one part of the chain breaks then it can have a negative consequence on all buyers in the chain. However, with a new build, you’re only relying on the developer and the time it takes them to complete the build. The quicker the builder completes the project, the quicker you can move in.

2. Make your mark

With a fresh untouched property, you’re essentially starting with a blank canvas.  There’s no need to put blood, sweat and tears into ripping up carpets, repainting, wallpapering etc. as it’s ready to go from day one.

Additionally, many builders and developers let you choose some of the options in the final design, such as kitchen worktops, wallpapers, colour schemes etc. It’s worth bearing in mind that there can be an additional cost for this, so it’s always worthwhile checking this thoroughly with the builder beforehand.

3. Home warranty

Your new build house will be protected with a home warranty of up to 10 years, meaning you have some peace of mind should anything untoward happen.

4. Eco-friendly

All new builds should be built to a high standard and are typically fitted with the latest energy efficient appliances such as boilers, double/triple glazing, insulation etc.

With more and more emphasis on the environment, these additions also generally lead to a reduction in your bills, meaning a new build can be cheaper to run than many older properties.

5. Help to Buy

There are various Help to Buy schemes applicable to new build homes, such as Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme, and one may be suitable for your own individual circumstances.

With strong relationships with many of the UK’s leading house builders, our team based in Glasgow are specialists in helping clients secure their dream new build home.

Should you be considering buying a new build property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our brokers via our contact form or by calling 0141 7798010.

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