Ray Eamer

Telephone: 0800 260 6662

Business Principal / Case Manager

Work life

I’ve had a pretty varied work life since my first job as an assistant in a camera shop. I started working with Luke about a year after setting up the business and haven’t looked back. I’ve always had an eye for detail and have been responsible for setting up and managing all the systems and processes that make our business run smoothly.

Previous job

Software tester – days spent locked in a darkened room, sustained only by food pushed under the door by sympathetic colleagues.

The best thing about your job

It’s always immensely satisfying when a client receives a mortgage offer, and I can sign off our internal processes as completed.

How other people describe me

Focused, organised, calm, detail focused.

Rest and Relaxation

I’ve been playing the guitar for about 20 years and still love it. I prefer listening to rock over pop and Blink 182 is still my favourite band. I have been known to binge watch my favourite TV shows and enjoy all kinds of films. I make sure to do spin a few times a week because I know I should – but I’d rather not!

Three famous people I’d invite into my COVID bubble

Dave Grohl, Tim Burton, Professor Brian Cox.

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