There’s no denying that moving house can be pretty chaotic. We’re here to share a few simple tips and tricks to help you take back control and actually enjoy moving day! 

It’s surprising how far a little prep beforehand goes. From decluttering your current house, to making a ‘moving day survival kit’, follow our tips for a stress-free moving experience - we’ve got you covered! 

Declutter your home

We all have a tendency to hold onto things we don’t need anymore. But if it’s something you’ve not used or worn in over a year then it’s probably time to part your ways. 

Decluttering your home is a great way to clear the mind and start afresh. Plus, it reduces the amount of packing you’ll have to do.

Start packing early

It’s never too early to start packing the things you don’t use daily. As a minimum, we recommend you start packing these items around two to three weeks before moving day. 

This should give you time to focus on packing up the rest of the house nearer to moving day. 

Label your boxes

Label each box with the room it’s going to be placed in. Not only will this help your movers know where to put each box in your new home, but it also helps you out if you need to pack anything last minute. 

Top tip: put a label on each side of the box so you can easily read what it is from all angles.

Use the right boxes

It’s important you use the appropriate box for the weight of the items - your removals team will thank you! 

If you’re packing light items, such as bed linen and pillows, these need to go in larger boxes so they can be easily carried into your new home. 

If you’re packing heavier items, such as books and plates, these need to go in smaller boxes so they can be easily carried with minimal risk of breakages.

Pack a survival kit

We recommend you pack all the things you’re likely to need as soon as you move. This could be anything from tea bags, coffee, mugs, biscuits, to phone chargers, toiletries and bedding.  

Trust us when we say it will make your life easier - there’s nothing worse than a thirsty removals team! 

Read what else you could pack in your moving day survival kit here. 

Make time for breakfast

Make sure you have a good breakfast in the morning , even if it means getting up a bit earlier. This will set you up for the day and help prevent any silly arguments from happening when you get ‘hangry’ - we’ve all been there!

Make arrangements for children or pets

There will be so much happening on the day, that you’ll probably struggle to keep one eye on the kids and one eye on the dog, all whilst trying to manage a house move! 

Moving house isn’t much fun for kids, so why not ask a friend or relative to look after them for you? This way, you can concentrate on the move and relax knowing the kids are having a fun time. 


So, there you go. It is possible to keep calm and carry on when moving home. You just need to make sure you’re organised and plan as much in advance as possible. 

If you’re looking for advice when it comes to moving house, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly mortgage advisers. 

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