Levi Duke joined Mortgage Advice Bureau in September 2020. He started out as an insurance broker before going on to become a mortgage adviser for an estate agency three years ago.

We asked Levi to share his experiences of joining Mortgage Advice Bureau, including the benefits of working with us and any advice he might give to others thinking of making the move.  

Why did you choose to join Mortgage Advice Bureau?

My move was to predominantly come away from a more corporate structure and give me the flexibility to work as hard as I like to work, and to work the hours that best suit me and my clients. In my previous role I was required to work set hours each week, no exceptions.

How was you move to Mortgage Advice Bureau?

My move has been incredibly smooth and successful. I’ve continued to maintain the level of business that I’ve always been able to do, but I’ve been able to do it in a way that gives me more time to myself.

What’s the support network like?

The support network is second to none. Instead of saying you have to do this or you have to speak to this person every single day etc, support is available when you need it.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining Mortgage Advice Bureau as a self-employed mortgage adviser?

I would certainly take the opportunity to come across and reap the rewards sooner rather than later.

I’d give my whole experience a ten out of ten as the support and infrastructure have been amazing.

Sum up your experience with Mortgage Advice Bureau in one sentence.

Revolutionary, pioneering and an insight into the future.

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If you’d like to consider joining us as a self-employed mortgage adviser in Newcastle, get in touch for an informal chat to see what we can offer you. Speak to Lisa Godfrey, Business Development Manager, on 07950 946423 or e-mail [email protected]