James joined Mortgage Advice Bureau in January 2020. He previously worked for major high street banks.

We asked James to share his experiences of joining Mortgage Advice Bureau, including the benefits of working with us and any advice he might give to others thinking of making the move.  

 Why did you choose to join Mortgage Advice Bureau?


After having spent a number of years within major high street banks I felt my career wasn't going at the rate I hoped. The move to Mortgage Advice Bureau was a no brainer. Massively reputable company, sped up my career goals and my earning expectancy quicker than I could have ever hoped at the Bank. 

How was your move to Mortgage Advice Bureau?


Moving over was straight forward and easy. I was given constant update by managers while I was seeing out my notice period to keep me in the loop of the plan once I started, this helped put me at ease as I knew what my own roadmap was going to be for the first few months.

What’s the support like?


Got a thorough training course when I first started which puts you in the best position when starting. You're always learning though and working around such a great bunch of brokers adds to that, everyone can use different experiences to guide each other and provide advice & support

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining Mortgage Advice Bureau?


What are you waiting for? You earn as much from this job as you put into it. If you have the drive to work hard, you will 100% get the rewards from it.


Sum up your experience with Mortgage Advice Bureau in one sentence.


From late 2019 at the bank, to 2020's covid dramas, by early 2022 I am earning well over double what I was earning in 2019, need I say anymore?