The real value of protection

As a mortgage and protection adviser, Steve Wise understands the value of protecting yourself against the unexpected. However, he never thought he’d experience this first-hand when his partner became critically ill.

Steve shares his story to raise awareness of the importance of protection; just in case the worse should happen to you.

Steve’s story

In November 2020, my partner Nicole was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. At the age of 36, it was devastating news. She underwent a four-month period of intensive chemotherapy treatment prior to surgery. This led to loss of hair, daily sickness and pain all over her body.

Post-surgery was another 12 months of chemotherapy along with hormone suppressants (because of her oestrogen positive status which meant her hormones would work in conjunction with the cancer to help it grow). She also needed bone marrow injections due to her body no longer producing the oestrogen needed to provide it naturally. They also told her the aggressive treatment required would take her ‘to the brink’, and it did.

During her initial diagnosis, Nicole’s oncology team assured her they would be like her family; with her every step of the way. They were true to their word. In fact, they were amazing throughout. Her treatment is now complete with a final review meeting in June 2022 which hopefully will give the all clear.

How critical illness cover helped

When Nicole’s daughter was born seven years ago, she took out a life and critical illness insurance policy, simply for peace of mind, should the worst happen. She had no idea that she’d be submitting a claim one day, let alone so soon afterwards.

The pay out from the critical illness part of the policy allowed Nicole to repay all her debts, buy a more reliable car, and make vital improvements to her home. This was a massive help as she was able to concentrate solely on her treatment, rather than worrying about money.

I asked Nicole what made her take out insurance at such a young age - as so many young people think it’s either not needed or it won’t happen to them? She told me, “I realised it made sense should the worst happen. The monthly premium wasn’t expensive. Anyone with children should have life and serious illness cover to protect themselves and their family.”

Protect yourself and your family

It’s impossible to know what twists and turns our lives can take, and what impact they could have. However, it is possible to make sure that you’re prepared, and protection policies can help you do just that.

Steve is a qualified protection adviser who looks at your personal circumstances and recommends products based on your needs.

If you’d like to speak to Steve regarding protection for yourself, your family or your mortgage, get in touch by phone on 07970616278 or by e-mail at [email protected]  

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