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5 key things people look for in a home

If you have a home to sell, do you know if it ticks all the boxes for prospective buyers? Or are you looking for a home and unsure what features you should be looking out for?

The latest Go Compare ‘Home Essentials’ survey revealed the some key features that home buyers say they’re looking for - here’s some of the things that came out top of the list:


Central heating and double glazing place first and second on the list. With the unpredictable UK weather, it’s not hard to work out why! When you’re viewing a property, it’s good to ask when the windows were installed and when the boiler was last serviced to get a better idea of their condition and how effective they might be.


This could be anything from good quality locks on the doors and windows up to a fully functioning home alarm system.

Good connections

As society relies on being online more than ever, many people rely on good broadband connections for everything - browsing the internet, watching TV or to work from home. A good mobile phone signal is also important; nobody wants to trek to the bottom of the garden every time they make a call!


Are they any shops, cafes or public transport routes close to your home? These ranked at number seven in the survey. Obviously you can’t help it if you don’t have any of these things close by; but it’s definitely worth shouting about them if you do.


Even though we’re in a digital age, people still want to know that there’s friendly neighbours’ living down the street. If you know any of your neighbours, even if it’s just to chat every so often, let prospective buyers know. When viewing a property it’s good to ask if the buyer knows any of the neighbours and what they’re like as it gives you a better understanding of the area and whether you’d be happy living there.

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