Brook Financial Services has been recognised as one of the best mortgage brokers in Barnsley by ThreeBestRated.

The website carries out a rigorous 50-Point Inspection before recommending a mortgage broker to ensure customers can be confident they’ll receive an excellent service. 

And ThreeBestRated’s inspection report ranked Brook Financial Services, led by Michelle Brook, in its top three mortgage brokers in Barnsley. 

Many aspects of the service provided by Brook were praised. One area highlighted was the impressive experience of its advisers. While the exact services it provides also helped boost its score. 

Brook's website standard got high marks from assessors. It was praised for the location proximity along with keeping all their information up-to-date.

Recommending Brook Financial Services on its website, ThreeBestRated says: 

"Mortgage Advice Bureau is one of the UK’s leading mortgage intermediary brands, winning over 150 national awards for the quality of its advice and service. 

“They offer expert mortgage advice on a local, regional and national level to UK customers. They give advise in both face-to-face and over the phone also.

“ They handle over £16 billion of loans annually.

“They search thousands of mortgage deals to find the right one for their customers' circumstances and needs.

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